7 Steps to Becoming a Sponsor

Step 1: Referral and Welcome Meeting

  • Contact Counseling and Advocacy Associates at (804) 744-1114 to express interest in becoming a Sponsor
  • Potential Sponsor will be contacted by a Field Supervisor to schedule a Welcome Meeting
  • Welcome Meeting will occur with Field Supervisor to provide information about the service and answer any questions-Field Supervisor will conduct initial interview to ensure home and interested Sponsor are viable.
  • An Intent to Proceed form will be signed

Step 2: Interview and HR Onboarding

  • Once Intent to Proceed form is received, Program Director will contact potential Sponsor to schedule an interview
  • After interview, if accepted, potential Sponsor will meet with our HR Specialist to submit required documentation

Step 3: Initial Trainings and Identifying Back-up Sponsor

  • Potential Sponsor will work with HR Specialist and Field Supervisor to complete required initial trainings (DSP training, abuse/neglect training)
  • Potential Sponsor will be encouraged to identify a potential Back-up Sponsor

Step 4: Home Preparation and Licensing Application

  • Potential Sponsor will work with Field Supervisor to prepare the home for licensing
  • Field Supervisor will request and obtain documentation for the purposes of submitting an application for licensing inspection-application is submitted to CAA’s Licensing specialist

Step 5: Additional Trainings

  • While awaiting Licensing specialist to schedule date of inspection, HR Specialist will work with potential Sponsor to complete additional trainings (TOVA/Universal Precautions, 32-medication training, CPR/First Aid, Orientation)
  • Potential Sponsor will continue working with Field Supervisor to ensure home continues to be ready

Step 6: Contract Signing

  • Potential Sponsor will sign contracts

Step 7: Client Preparation

  • If potential Sponsor has an identified match, Field Supervisor will begin process of preparing client and engage in process to enroll client
  • If potential Sponsor does not yet have an identified individual, potential Sponsor will work with Field Supervisor to link to resources to find a match